Automated & Decentralized Smart Contract Creator (USER-FRIENDLY).

Our smart contracts prioritize optimal functionality and user security. During contract creation, only essential fields—such as collection offer quantity and price—are visible and editable. The remainder of the code remains unchanged and invisible until the contract is deployed on the blockchain. Our platform supports deployment on 6 blockchains.

Editable Website Connected to the Smart Contract

After deploying the smart contract on the blockchain, an associated webpage is automatically generated. This webpage is fully customizable, allowing changes from the domain to elements such as header, footer, links, buttons, videos, and images.

Easy Access and Interoperability

When it comes to accessing WEB3 ecosystems, not all participants have decentralized wallets or know how to operate them. For this reason, we provide ways to interact in WEB3 with minimal friction for the user, establishing options to operate directly from FIAT and recharge decentralized crypto wallets through FIAT payment systems.

We thought of everything

Not only do we cover the technical access gap, but we also provide much needed peripheral services such as payment gateway connection to the web, verification service of your team and project, smart contract audit service, crypto payment swap service and the graphical elements creation section along with the creation of metadata.


Smart Contract Deployment Available on 6 Blockchains

User-friendly visual interfaces simplify the understanding of relevant information. Sensitive contract data, such as user addresses associated with the project, remains encoded internally. Access to this data is restricted to the contract creator and issuer, managed through the Marketland Dashboard Manager.

Marketland is truly a "no-code" solution focused on a user who is entirely unfamiliar with the technical aspects of blockchain and WEB3.


Decentralized platform connection and management available with 4 wallets

In Marketland's "Dashboard Manager", you can create a smart contract by associating a decentralized wallet, either the one used for logging in or a different one.


Login in to Marketland´s Dashboard Manager using both conventional and decentralized methods.

We simplify and secure access to the platform and the management of Marketland's "Dashboard Manager" to the maximum extent for the user.


Crypto-FIAT Interoperability & Swap.

We provide easy access to WEB3 ecosystems for users without decentralized wallets. Our platform facilitates FIAT transactions and enables users to recharge decentralized crypto wallets using various FIAT payment methods, minimizing user friction. We also automatically create a non-custodial wallet for users who don't have one.


Creator Verification and Smart Contract Audit.

We enable creators to verify themselves and their smart contracts through third-party services integrated into the Marketland platform, ensuring transparency and trust without compromising privacy,


Competitive Advantage

Our mission is to empower creators and businesses with seamless access to the blockchain ecosystem through an all-encompassing platform. This platform meticulously addresses technical intricacies, graphical aesthetics, functional aspects, legal compliance, and audit-related considerations.

Safe & Secure
Safe & Secure
Excerpt Tokens
Easy Payment
Daily Cash Outs
Smart Application

Marketland Utility Token (MLAND) Tokenomics

  • Liquidity
  • Marketland Platform Development & Sustainability
  • Marketland Utility Token (MLAND) Development
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Community (Merch, Events, Gifts & Promotions)

Marketland Timeline

Marketland's roadmap encompasses key milestones such as completing the MVP, Beta testing, launching the Marketland Platform and Utility Token (MLAND), and Marketland 2.0 - a Decentralized and Automated White Label Marketplace. It also includes introducing new smart contract standards, focusing on tokenization niches across various industries and real-world assets, all while prioritizing empowering creators and ensuring seamless operability within the blockchain and Web3, with creativity at the forefront and technical aspects taking a secondary role.


Professional Experts

we are proud of our great team.He is one of the most motivated and enthusiastic people we have, and is always ready and willing to help out where needed.

Bogdan Diyachenko
Bogdan Diyachenko

Bogdan Diyachenko

Nicolás Bibbo
Nicolás Bibbo

Nicolás Bibbo

Javier Chacón
Javier Chacón

Javier Chacón

Adam Mrabi
Sergio Verde

Sergio Verde


Adam Mrabi
Adam Mrabi

Adam Mrabi

Martina Skangalova

M. Skangalova

Brand Strategist

Adam Mrabi
Brand Strategist

M. Skangalova


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context

Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Fantom, Arbitrum.

Marketland focuses on the decentralized operability and connection of the creator, so it neither custodies nor controls the smart contracts deployed by the creator nor any cryptographic assets operating on Marketland. We provide the structure; you control the assets.

Marketland eliminates the tedious technical aspects for the creator. The creator generates, configures, and deploys the desired smart contract through a simple and descriptive user interface. The user is the sole interaction point with Marketland and is responsible for executing any configuration or changes, hence why we say we automate the process.

Marketland offers comprehensive web3 solutions to empower creators and businesses, enabling simplified and efficient access to the blockchain ecosystem. Our web3 infrastructure focuses on bridging the technical knowledge gap when developing a web3 project. Additionally, we adopt an "all-in-one platform" approach, considering not only the technical aspects but also the graphical, functional, interoperable, security, legal, and auditing aspects of your web3 project.

With Marketland, you can create your collection from scratch, including images and metadata for your NFTs, customization of your smart contract, and finally, the customization and publication of your minting page.

No, it is not necessary to have any programming knowledge to launch your collection.

The KYC and KYB verification process is entirely optional for the creator and is straightforward, detailed in simple steps. Verification options include individual KYC (for projects without a legal entity) and corporate KYB + individual KYC (for projects with a legal entity, verifying both the registered company and the ownership of individual associates).

Marketland outsources this service to a specialized company (ShuftiPro) for data processing. Marketland does not store any special treatment data, such as documentation. Marketland only obtains the favorable or unfavorable response to the verification, which is the information available on that project within the Marketland platform.

Payment gateways serve to pay for Marketland services, recharge decentralized wallets for any user, and act as a payment gateway on the associated web for the smart contract, enabling a direct FIAT purchase process on the blockchain.

You can log in via email and password, Google, X (Twitter), or through a decentralized wallet from the available options (Metamask, Wallet Connect, Binance Smart Wallet, Ledger, Trezor, and Coinbase Wallet).

Once inside your Marketland Dashboard Manager, you can create smart contracts with any available decentralized wallet. You can create different smart contracts associated with different decentralized wallets, which may be the same or different from the one used for login (in case you chose to log in with a decentralized wallet).

Yes, at any time, you can send your digital assets to the wallet or platform of your choice, as these assets are always stored in the wallets controlled by the creator or user. Marketland acts only as a connector or bridge.

Yes, in our Discord community, we have different sections or channels where you can interact with the community. If you are a developer, there will also be a section for you to meet people who want to be part of your ideas or projects!

Yes, at Marketland, we are aware of the constant evolution of blockchain and web3. That's why we will always be updating the platform with various features to make the user experience more productive, reliable, and easy to use.

We will have a section on Discord where you can leave your feedback or suggestions, and our team will analyze them for future implementations on the platform. Your opinion matters.

Download Whitepaper

Welcome to the Marketland Whitepaper, your gateway to the future of digital commerce. In this document, we'll outline Marketland's vision and key features, demonstrating how we're revolutionizing online transactions and shaping the landscape of Web3. Join us as we explore the exciting journey ahead with Marketland.

Whitepaper version: 1.4 Date of Update: 02/2024

Litepaper version: 1.3 Date of Update: 02/2024


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