A platform to deploy smart contracts, build minting websites and create your own white label marketplace.

Discover the platform for customizable & automated creation of smart contracts and minting pages.

MARKETLAND´S PHASE 1: Customizable-automated Smart Contract & Minting Website creation platform

Create, customize, and deploy smart contracts on the blockchain in minutes by yourself on 10 blockchains, customize completly and publish your minting website as an expert, blockchain explorer smart contract verification, FIAT to Crypto payment gateway integrated, swap for crypto incoming transactions & much more.

MARKETLAND´S PHASE 2: Customizable-automated White Label Marketplace creation platform

Create your own marketplace in minutes in a decentralised and simple way. Connect & manage through the main decentralised wallets. Benefit from the advantages of operating on the blockchain and accessing the web3. Forget about coding, just sell, trade, create..


Get benefited also of company/projects verification for trust & transparency, as also for the Marketplace owners we will allow to integrate this service for customers verification. Get your Smart contract audited. Marketland achieves the best transparency, reliability and trust for you and your project.


In Marketland we have thought about how to facilitate access to Blockchain and Web3 for creators, and that is why we come with all these tools, solutions and utilities to make your life easier. All this with the best and most innovative technological standards, always respecting decentralisation and anonymity, while continuing to take care of security, and only collaborating and partnering with first class and reliable third party companies.

Our Way


Q4 2022

Networking and Community Preparedness (Twitter AMA weekly with collaborating projects with Marketland.io)

Q1 2023

Launch of Informative Web (response to the questions asked by the potential customers of the platform and approach to the Marketplace)

Q2 2023

Launch of new official website (in progress)

Q3 2023

Marketland Phase 1 BETA Release (Customizable-automated Smart Contract & Minting Website creation platform)

Q4 2023

Marketland Phase 2 BETA Release (Customizable-automated White Label Marketplace creation platform)

Q4 2023

Marketland Phase 1 & Phase 2 unification and transition of the platform from BETA to fully functional platform

Q1 2024

Launch of the Free Mint Collection (Marketland Mascot Collection)

Q1 2024

Launch of Marketland Utility NFTs

Q2 2024

Marketland Utility Token Launch


Project team

Bogdan Diyachenko


Adam Mrabi


Nicolás Bibbo


Javier Chacón


Sergio Verde


Jose Jódar

NFT Project Analyst

Chris Pucci

Content creator

Martina Skangalova

Brand Strategist

Ernesto Portillo

Legal Team

Elba Boada

Legal Team

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Decentralized Connection Through Main Wallets

Marketland operates in a decentralized manner and connects to the industry's leading decentralized wallets to provide the highest security with assets always remaining in the possession of their owners and never in the possession of Marketland.

Trusted Service Providers

Marketland works and connects only with trusted and verified platforms to provide the highest security and quality of service.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Services Does Marketland Offer?

Marketland provides the opportunity to create your own Smart Contract along with a fully customizable Minting page tailored to your NFT collection. Apply the options that best suit your project.

Which Blockchains are Operational within Marketland?

Currently, we have 10 operational blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Fantom, Arbitrum, Optimism, Cronos, Klatyn, and Harmony.

Which Wallets are Integrated with Marketland?

We currently support 6 compatible wallets: Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, Binance Smart Wallet, Ledger, and Trezor.

What Types of Smart Contracts are Available?

Currently, there are 6 possibilities, 2 instant and 4 custom: ERC721 and ERC721A are already available. ERC721 Omnichain, ERC20, Memberships/Mintpasses, and DAOS will be available on demand.

What Additional Services Does Marketland Offer?

We offer 2 additional services. The first is the option to audit your Smart Contracts, and the second is the possibility to verify the team behind your project for added authenticity.

What Options are Included in My Smart Contract?

Smart Contracts include several options such as pausing and activating your mint, Whitelist, NFTs reveal, community Airdrops, NFTs burning, and the ability to split profits among the wallets of your choice. For instance, you can have 2 wallets linked to the profits and distribute 50% each.

What Does the Minting Page Contain?

Within the Minting page, you can extensively edit the front end with a variety of customization methods. You can modify the URL, colors, logos, favicon, multiple links to your choice, social media links, pause mode, auction mode, and documents. We provide payment gateways like Transak, Crossmint, and Ramp for FIAT payments. There's also a Crypto Swap feature so users can pay in the cryptocurrency of their preference, and you can receive the one you choose as well. Smart contract verification in the explorer and asccis contract editor, allowing you to remove Marketland's name and insert your own. The Whitelist is fully configurable, and NFTs reveal is adjustable.

What are the Prices for Marketland's Services?

We offer 2 payment options to include every member of our community. The first is a fixed commission that Marketland receives directly from the NFT collection's mint and the service remains free in exchange of that commission of 7,7%. The second option is a one-time payment of 2.759 USDT where you'll have access to all of Marketland's features.

Marketland: Phase 1 & Phase 2 (detailing & explanation)

  • Phase 1: Automatized smart contract deploy, mint page creation platform & related services.

    Decentralized connection from main wallets

    Automatic customizable Smart Contract deploy on 10 blockchains

    Automatic customizable Mint page creation & publication, connected to the Smart contract

    Fiat-Crypto Payment gateways connected to your Mint Page

    Smart contract standarts: ERC20, ERC721, ERC721A, ERC1155 & compatible.

    Crypto Swap for incoming transactions, receive the currency of your preference.

    Customizable minting page availability for launching NFT collections.

    Smart contract verification on the blockchain explorer.

    Smart contract asccis edit. Remove Marketland from the Smart contract as creator & edit your own one.

    Configurable whitelist.

    NFT reveal features.

  • Phase 2: Automatized White label decentralized Marketplace creation platform

    Decentralized connection & admin management from main wallets: Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, Wallet Connect, Binance Smart Wallet, Ledger & Trezor.

    Fiat-Crypto Payment gateways connected to your Marketplace: Transak, Crossmint & Ramp.

    Customizable URL.

    Crypto Swap for incoming transactions, receive the currency of your preference.

    Project Team verification by Marketland.

    AI Support. Upload your documents, video or information and the AI will answer to any question related to its content.

    Verification service for the White label Marketplace owners for customer verification.

    Commission system beneficial for Marketplace owners (to be defined).



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Our vision in developing our automated-customizable Marketland platform is to solve the challenges associated with creating and launching your own collection of NFTs. We focus on providing end-to-end solutions to reduce production and development costs, eliminate the knowledge gap and accelerate the time it takes to own your own personal brand.

By opting for our automated-customizable platform, we free you from the significant cost burden and technical complications associated with developing a Smart Contract, Minting Website & NFT Marketplace from scratch. Our turnkey solution simplifies and streamlines the process, allowing you to focus on creating and promoting your digital assets.

In addition, we address the knowledge gap that often prevents many creators and artists from entering the world of NFTs. This is why we create simpler technology standards, but without losing decentralisation or any of the other basic features of Blockchain or Web3. Our platform is designed to make this exciting technology accessible to a wider audience.

One of our main goals is to drastically reduce the time it would normally take to develop and launch your own brand of NFTs. Our white label solution allows you to quickly get your customised Marketplace ready for you to showcase and sell your digital creations in the form of unique tokens, as well as the prior creation of the smart contract of the collection and the web page of the collection. We accelerate your entry into the Web3, giving you a competitive advantage.

In addition to addressing the costs and time associated with creating your own personal brand, our White Label NFT Marketplace allows you to tokenise virtually anything. From artwork and music to virtual properties and digital collectibles, our platform gives you the ability to turn any asset into an NFT. This promotes mass adoption of NFTs, encouraging participation from diverse sectors and communities.

In short, our vision is to provide an end-to-end solution with Marketland’s technology. We solve production and development costs, eliminate the knowledge gap, shorten the time needed to have your own personal brand and enable tokenisation of anything, encouraging mass adoption of Blockchain, Web3 & NFTs.