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Utility Over Everything

Multichain Decentralized NFT Marketplace Golden Tickets

Golden ticket marketplace nft

Marketland’s Golden Tickets NFTsDiscover the functional NFT collection

The purpose of these golden tickets is to provide a practical application for NFTs by giving you the ability to incorporate them into your smart contracts and allows you to contribute to the evolution of blockchain technology.

With Marketland's Golden Tickets we want to show you that the thriving market of NFTs is not only about images. It is a new way to connect to the profitable trading within the blockchain community. The alliances created within this sphere, which reinforce its sustainability, as well as that of the blockchain infrastructure, are applied in a way that helps maintain the Marketland project itself, as well as all its members and collaborators.

Each Golden Ticket is an invite to all those who want to be part of a multi-chain-NFT-Blockchain project. With sustainable basis and the use of different blockchains and their DeFi applications, which allows us to interconnect, offer and monetize the platform in a safe way.

Another important feature is that you will have direct access to the DAO polls on Discord. Here we will discuss all the latest updates and blockchain integrations which allows users to contribute to the evolution of the platform.

Each Golden Ticket will receive a direct commission from all transactions made on the marketland.io platform. By owning 3 of the Golden Tickets, you can redeem them for a fully configurable white label marketplace (marketland.store) with your own name, domain and design, which you can use (blocking the 3 required tickets) or selling your tickets.

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MarketlandNFT Decentralized Multichain Marketplace with low commission rates

We bring you the most competitive NFT Marketplace with the lowest and most favourable commissions.

  • General user commission: 1,5%.
  • Commission received by the business in your white label Marketplace (marketland.store) from 1,75%.
  • Find a wide variety of decentralized wallets and payment gateways with which to operate with the most competitive commission rates.

NFT Payment module (crypto and fiat)

Buy & Sell your NFTs easily The Decentralized eCommerce way!

In Marketland, users will also be able to buy their NFTs directly with fiat.

  • Users do not need to buy or hold cryptocurrencies in their wallet.
  • It integrates into existing smart contracts, it can remain decentralized.
  • Users do not need to perform any KYC for low value purchases.
marketplace nft white label
white label marketplace nft

Own, manage and trade on your own Marketland White Label Marketplace.

Marketland's White Label NFT Marketplace

A Marketplace that allows you to rent your own private white label Marketplace, configure all the features without investing in development

Launch collections, present your private collection and much more.

  • Quarterly, semi-annual or annual rental plans.
  • Save the time and effort developing your own Marketplace.
  • Configure the domain, name, design and commissions of your Marketplace.


Marketland Operates on various blockchains interconnecting everything on its network

We are launching Marketland with the major and best integrated blockchains with many more integrations to come.

  • Integrated blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon and Klaytn.
  • Upcoming chains to be integrated: Solana, Brave and Binance Smart Chain.
  • Future integrations will be consulted with the Discord community through a DAO.

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Upcoming chains to be integrated.

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Marketland Marketplace NFT White Label

Trading NFTs with a 1,5% commission rate.
Rent your own white label Marketplace (marketland.store).
Connection with the main decentralized wallets: Metamask, Walletconnect, Coinbase Wallet, Torus, Gnosis, Ledger, Trezor, Binance Smart Wallet.
NFT Social Dashboard: Manage the social tasks of your NFT collection from Marketland by connecting all social networks to the platform.
Block upload of collections to Marketland.
Implementation of the ERC721A contract for cost savings in the block upload.
Connection with the main payment gateways: Transak, OnRamp and AlchemyPay.
Museum of physical works in the Metaverse.
Collection release schedule.
Launchpad of the best collections.
Creation of an API REST service for integration with other platforms. (Wordpress, Shopify, etc).

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Golden Ticket

logo marketland marketplace nft
Collection Minting



Anticipated Access to the Marketland Launchpad



Marketland White Label Marketplace Rental (marketland.store)

3 months: 0,6 Ethereum (ETH)
6 months: 1,2 Ethereum (ETH)
1 year: 1,8 Ethereum (ETH)

X3 Tickets (unlimited access)

Privileged access to the whitelists of the projects launched in Marketland

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15% of Marketland's total annual commissions will be shared among all Golden Ticket holders

Access to NFT Social Dashboard

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Access to the Discord Creators Campaign

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Acceso a Discord Collabs

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Gifted NFTs

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Access to Marketland’s Metaverse


Anticipated, privileged and exclusive.


Marketland has implemented and adhered to open and decentralized standards.

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Marketland contracts are fully audited by Blockchain Labs and provide on-chain fraud detection through Chainalysis.

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Our Way


Phase 1
Creation of Community and Social Networks (Discord, Twitter, Instagram)
Phase 2
Launching of the Marketland.io web page.
Phase 3
Marketing campaign, search for alliances and creators.
Phase 4
Distribution of Golden Tickets among artists and content creators (active search) Always willing to collaborate with new artists or entrepreneurs in the blockchain sector and beyond.
Phase 5
Mint launch until the 10,000 units are sold out.
Phase 6
Launch of Marketland and integration of the ticket to the platform to access all its utilities.
Phase 7
Integration of the Discord DAO for the Golden ticket holders.
Phase 8
Integration of new blockchain networks chosen by the Marketland community through DAO.
Phase 9
Creation of the Marketland Governance Token.
Phase 10
Creation of the Marketland metaverse and launching of Panda Squad #7111.

Our data


  • Name: Golden Ticket
  • Purchase methods accepted: Ethereum
Price 1 Golden Ticket 0,23 Ethereum (ETH).
  • New Token emissions: Unavailable
  • Bonus system: Yes
  • Presale of Private Sale: Not held
  • Know Your Customer (KYC): No
  • Min/Max Personal Cap: 0.23 ETH / No limit
  • Whitelist: No
Purchase Golden Tickets
  • Development and update : 10%
  • Marketing - 15%
  • Sustainability - 25%
  • Advice and Consulting – 20%
  • Investment in metaverse - 2,5%
  • NFT Panda Squad collection development #7111 - 2,5%
  • Team - 25% (10% will be donated for environmentalism, animal protection, children's education, child poverty… etc)


Frequent questions

Our staff

Project team

jose vilar
Jose Vilar
CEO of BitDream. Blockchain Protocols Analyst and Trader.
bogdan diyachenko
Bogdan Diyachenko
COO of BitDream. Blockchain Business Analyst and Trader.
christina pucci
Christian Pucci
Content creator and social networks manager
jose jodar
Jose Jódar
Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Protocol Analyst.
nicolas bibbo
Nicolás Bibbo
Personal Advisor and Digital Strategy Manager.
adam mrabi
Adam Mrabi
Growth Strategy Manager.
amia llona
Amaia Llona
Artist and Graphic Designer.
amia llona
Sergio Verde
Growth and marketing manager. Sales Expert.

Consulting Team


martina skangolova
Martina Skangalova
Brand Strategist

Non-traditional brand strategist, web3 native, CEO of BEINGZ.

Javier Chacón
Blockchain Architect

CEO Beltsys Labs, Blockchain/web3.0 Product Engineer.

Elba Boada
Elba Boada
Lawyer specialized in Blockchain and Cryptographic Law

Lawyer specialized in Criminal and Criminological Sciences, and in exercise of the Prosecutor function, Ex-National Prosecutor against corruption, specialized in the investigation of Cybercrimes.

ernensto portillo
Dr. Ernesto Portillo
Lawyer specialized in Blockchain and Cryptographic Law

Lawyer Magister in Legal Sciences and University Professor with more than 20 years of experience. Specialized in the legal environment of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

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